Behind the Scenes: Using Google+ Insights to Guide Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Like most businesses, at, we rely heavily on Google Analytics to provide insight into traffic across our website and blog. We use this data to guide our social media marketing strategy. When we want to view our social media engagement we turn to the stats dashboard. I have to be … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Improve SEO of Tweets – Includes New Research

Google and Twitter recently struck a deal that will help Google surface relevant Tweets in searches. As a result, Twitter gains valuable free traffic and Google gains valuable real-time content. Why should you care? You can spend significant time on SEO to gain access to FREE traffic. The same is … [Read more...]

How to Break 3 Social Media Bad Habits That Cause Followers to Unfollow Plus Solutions to Change

As a small business, every social media follower counts. You worked hard to cultivate a rich social media stream. However, you can't afford to make any mistakes with your audience. The following three bad habits can cause your followers to unfollow. But don't fret, read further to find solutions to … [Read more...]