How to Compete Against Kittens for Customer Affection: Easy 3-Step Content Strategy

It seems today if you want to get attraction in social media you have to share photos of kittens doing cute things. Even Hillary Clinton realizes that if she wants to become our next president, campaigning with kittens is a must (obviously a satire but the kittens are so cute!). Our social media … [Read more...]

How to Build Popularity of Your Subreddit Across Social Media with Just an RSS Feed

Want to increase exposure or build credibility for your subreddit; a powerful network of niche communities that collectively define reddit? If a subreddit gains enough subscribers, it can become part of the default homepage. With over 730 million unique users per month, it is worth the effort in … [Read more...]

Understanding the Influence of Millennials on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In recent blog posts, we've alluded to the importance of remembering millennials when crafting a marketing strategy or targeting social sharing influencers. The Millennial generation or Generation Y is shaping and shaking up marketing strategies much more than generations before. What exactly does … [Read more...]