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The Best FREE Video Editing Software

We recently talked about YouTube and how useful a marketing tool it is. Fortunately, we live in a world in which one can access information at our fingertips, and YouTube is no different from any other device. However, creating quality content for YouTube can be challenging. You start with a video that is raw footage which may have many issues – poor color and sound quality to name a few. How do you take that raw footage and create something that will be widely viewed and respected without breaking the bank? We’re very fortunate to have an assortment of free video editing software that can help edit your raw footage into something spectacular.

Why do I need a free video editing software suite?

Editing your videos is incredibly important to viewing. A raw video may look incomplete or unfinished and will cause others to opt for other content because of the finished look.

According to Dreamgrow, video marketing can enhance conversions and sales. In fact, a product introduction video can improve conversions by 80%. Leaving these conversions on the table. However, a video that markets your product must present your product in the best light possible. This is why you need video editing software. Video editing software will provide the best possible enhancements that your product could receive.

However, a video that markets your product must present your product in the best light possible. This is why you need video editing software. Video editing software will provide the best possible enhancements that your product could receive.

We’ve put together a fantastic list of six of the best free video editing software available:

1 – Lightworks

Lightworks impresses as the most widely regarded free video editing software suite for editing and publishing content. Cleaning up content couldn’t be easier on this platform. Fortunately, Lightworks keeps the novice user in mind when they build features for this platform.

While some features may be easy to use, others do require a little bit more expertise. So, for the complete novice user, the learning curve may be a little bit too steep. The free version of Lightworks also is limited in its functionality.

2 – Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker is an application that is available for no cost at all.

Windows Movie Maker is a very barebones software program and shouldn’t be expected to yield phenomenal results, but can be expected to provide a polished look to your video content. Windows Movie Maker provides the essentials needed to crop video, edit video snippets together, and speed up/slow down footage. These basic effects are generally enough to make sure that your video gets the attention it deserves.

3 – WeVideo

As a cloud based application, this video editing software is not bulky, nor is it difficult to use.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also collaborative. With the application being cloud based, you can invite your friends or other editors to view and change your footage. WeVideo also has a YouTube integration, which allows you to bypass downloading the video to your own computer but enabling you to directly upload the video straight to YouTube.

4 -Avidemux

Avidemux has been described by PC World as ‘Quick and Dirty Video Editing‘.

The downside to this software is that it only supports one track at a time, not allowing merging or layering of other tracks. For many beginners, this function is not necessary, but for others, it is essential. This software might conflict with the more advanced users’ sensibilities.

5 – Filmora

By all accounts, Filmora is an excellent alternative to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. The makers of Filmora looked as if they wanted to strike a balance between complicated features that could make a striking video and tools that would appeal to the most novice of film editors. In that regard, they succeeded. Even the home screen makes it as simple as possible to import your videos and edit.

Using their simple interface, you can apply effects, trim snippets of video footage, and add text. These features will give your raw footage the face lift it likely needs. Filmora also boasts the free price tag, which is an impossible price to beat for what it offers. The full, paid version boasts an even more robust set of features available for premium users. At the price tag of free, though, it boasts a plethora of premium features while avoiding the premium price.

6 – YouTube

Last, but not least, we have to acknowledge the video editor provided by YouTube itself.

The obvious issues with this product are that it may not contain your requirements to edit your video correctly. This video editing software is a software suite that is intended for very basic editing.

Let’s wrap it up

Video editing could not be more crucial to your marketing strategy. It is important to use the editor to make your product look great and appeal to your target consumer. Make sure that your content is relevant to your audience, of course, and follow a few best practices to make sure that your content is the best it can be.

And remember, dlvr.it can help you publish your awesome videos as soon as you post them to your YouTube channel.