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9 Proven Ways to Boost Repins on Pinterest to Increase Sales (Backed by the Latest Research)

Pinterest is proving to be a social network that can work for companies of any size. When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, many businesses are stuck and don’t know where to start. We put together nine of the best Pinterest for business tips that will quickly give you an edge.

What Makes Pinterest Unique?

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, success on Pinterest is less about growing massive followers and more about creating compelling Pins that generate Repins. Pinterest puts more emphasis on the content rather than the person who created it. It is a slight difference from other social networks that focus on followers. For example, people who don’t follow you on Pinterest have the opportunity to see your pins. This unique feature is much different than on Facebook where you only see content from people who you are friends with.

Pin: Used both as a noun (what you put on your board is a “pin”) and a verb (the act of putting a picture on a board is “pinning”). For example, you might pin a picture of The Grand Canyon in your “Places I Want to Travel Board”.

Repin: When you see someone else’s pin that you like, you can “repin” it and place the picture on an appropriate board of your own. It’s similar to a Facebook Like.

How Valuable are Pins?

Businesses used to laugh at the idea that Pinterest could drive sales. They looked at Pinterest as just another social network. Creating business pins were useless – so the story goes.

9 Actionable Pinterest for Business Tips You Can Try Today

Every month, more than 100 million active Pinners browse its virtual shelves to discover new ideas and get inspired. To have your content stand out, here are just a few Pinterest for business tips you should follow.

1. Post at the Right Time

According to SocialFresh, the best times to post on Pinterest are

2. Post Often

To get more Pinterest followers, you should post between 5-30 new pins every day. Keep in mind quality content is key.

3. Create the Right Sized Pin

Pins over 800 pixels tall get more repins. A typical Pin size is 736×1102 pixels.

4. Don’t Forget Males

Pinterest is not just for females. The male demographic is the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest. One-third of new signups are from males. In some countries, there is a 50/50 split between males and females.

5. Use a Call-to-Action

In your Pin’s description, add a call-to-action. You’ll get 80% more engagement.

Examples you might add:

6. Create More Content

When using Pinterest for marketing, remember it’s all about the content. Creating more Pins and boards are key factors in determining your growth on Pinterest. The University of Minnesota’s Pinterest study found that the three most important factors that Pinterest users take into consideration in the “should-I-follow-or-not” decision-making process are:

7. Use Rich Pins

The Pinterest marketing firm, Piqora found that there was an 82 percent jump in the Repin-Pin ratio with brands using Rich Pins. There are six different types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product, and place.

8. Include a Price Tag

Pinterest pins with prices get 36 percent more likes than those without.

9. Keep Pins Short and Informative

Pin descriptions under 200 characters are the most re-pinnable. Furthermore, according to Pinterest, informative Pins receive up to 30 percent more engagement than other Pins.

A few Pinterest for business tips that make your pins more informative:


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