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37 Awesome Office Pranks That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Don’t wait for April Fool’s Day to entice office laughter. In this post, we’ll give you plenty of ideas for some fun office pranks – guaranteed to get a few laughs from your colleagues any time of the year. These PG-13 office pranks and awesome April Fools jokes can quickly be pulled off during your lunch hour (for the most part).

And, at the very least, we hope you have a good laugh!

Fun Office Pranks Anyone Can Pull Off


1.) Everyone Loves Balloons. Use your humor to blow these up on your lunch hour!

2.) Think twice before you pop one in your mouth. At least make them mint flavored.

3.) In another food-related prank, share some tasty fresh donuts with your co-workers – wink!

Replace the custard filling with mayonnaise for a real surprise.

4.) Part A: Awesome follow-up to your Mayonnaise prank

5.) Part B: The counter-Mayonnaise prank

Convince a friend to do that. THEN switch the pudding back to Mayo before they execute the prank.

Results: Hilarious!

6.) Render your co-workers mouse unusable (temporarily, of course)

This one is deviously simple and a classic. Just stick a little bit of tape over the laser on the bottom of the mouse, and it will stop working. Take out a stopwatch to time how long it takes them to turn it upside down – my guess, longer than you think!

7.) Automatically replace words in a shared document with hilarious substitutions

This prank works in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

If you’re using Google Docs:

Go to Tools → Preferences. Replace some of your colleague’s commonly used words with some ‘interesting’ substitutions.

In Microsoft Word:

Go to Tools → AutoCorrect options. Do the same thing.

Watch your colleague tear their hair out trying to type the words they want.

8.) Grow a garden in an old keyboard and swap out with your co-workers. 

This one takes some time and planning, but the war is SO on!

9.) Dust Lego’s with flour so they look like candy. 

As they say in France, Bon Appétit!

10.) Got scissors, glue, and black paper? 

This one is pure genius!

11, 12, and 13.) These pranks have been around for years BUT are just as hilarious today as they were 20-years ago 


14.) Impressive to say the least.  

Maybe you can’t fit this one in on your lunch break.


15.) Is this really a prank? 

Where can I get a bacon covered mouse?


16.) This one could go either way. Use at your discretion. 

Wrap your garbage up to look like a body and place next to the dumpster.


17.) For the loud telephone talker in the cube next to you…


18.) Bad sushi!

For hours, the only stall in the bathroom was ‘taken’…people complained.

Eventually, someone had to check why this guy was on the toilet for 6 hours!


19.) Nothing like good harmless bathroom office pranks


20.) Or better yet. Another use of Duct Tape! 

21.) Now where did all those Sticky Notes go?


22.) Martha Stewart’s new office line of products.


23.) Just wrong…


24.) The latest design in Standing desks


25.) When the cube next to you becomes suddenly available…


26.) Sometimes life just sucks.


27.) Here comes the boom!

28.) Bah, boom! 


29.) She never saw it coming

30.) The Hoff is back!

Universal prank for those who love and hate the Hoff.


31.) Where all the orphaned left-over boxes go

Office filled with left-over take out containers. Ok just the boxes.


32.)  How to FedEx an entire office


33.) Bring your fish to work day.


34.) This is best Grated (cheese!)


35.) This is for the birds!

Bird seed neatly spread.

36.) Is your boss an ego-maniac?

Cover the office with pictures of your boss.


37.) This one will make you cry


Hopefully, these office pranks inspired you to do something fun and harmless to your coworkers on April Fool’s Day or anytime during the year.


Please share your fun (PG-13) office pranks. We would love to hear from you.