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How to Make your New Year’s Resolutions Stick without Giving up In-N-Out Burger (Infographic)

It’s 25-days into the New Year and how many resolutions have you kept?

According to a survey of 2,000 people conducted in November 2014 by the beauty site feelunique.com,

Only 32 percent of people who made resolutions stick with them for a month or more. That might be why 48 percent of men and 39 percent of women are choosing not to make any resolutions at all.

Here’s a thought:

Instead of trying to make one huge change this year, why not make small changes part of your everyday routine? 

I’m game. Here I go…

Day 25. I’m proud to report that I am doing “fairly” well with my three “small and easy to implement” New Year’s resolutions changes. None of which have anything to do with going to the gym or reading a book. I already know I need to do those things. My first thoughts of the New Year were surprisingly simple. Maybe you can relate. They certainly can’t hurt.

Resolution #1: Stop looking at your cellphone first thing in the morning.

My new motto: If you absolutely won’t leave it lay, then can you at least let it lie?

Results: First few days I went through withdrawals. Been getting easier ever since. My solution – Keep eyes closed for five minutes after the alarm and mentally walk through the details of the upcoming day. Added benefit: Hoping it will help reduce memory loss (you can always hope).

*** Qualification: Quickly glancing to see if you received a text from your kid’s carpool or your mother does NOT count. Could even make an allowance if you see a text from your boss.

Resolution #2: No potato chips allowed in the house.

My new motto: If you bring it, I may or may not eat it.

Results: Waistline = Priceless. Seriously, I have a love-hate relationship with potato chips. I’ve never been able to pass one up especially when onion dip is present.  Challenge: Super Bowl Sunday!

***Qualification: French fries from In-N-Out Burger and white truffle potato chips from Cate & Co, do NOT count.

Resolution #3: Make coffee at home before starting your day.

My new motto: Wake up and smell the latte.

Results: You may miss your local barista and her ingenious froth artwork but nothing will ever say thank you like your wallet. We received a Capresso frothPRO for Christmas. I can’t tell you what a coffee-saver it has been.

(1) Non-fat latte @ $4.50 per day for 25 days (and counting) = $112.50 SAVINGS

For all the financial wizards out there, I know I should reduce my savings by the cost of the coffee beans and milk, but I’m not counting the second latte consumed later in the day. I’ll call that a wash.

***Qualification: If you are meeting friends at a coffee shop, etiquette does require you to purchase a cup of Joe (make it a double).

So far, so good with my New Year’s changes. Need some help coming up with a few of your own?

Most people are rather over-ambitious with their resolutions and find it difficult to last longer than a week or so. So, why not try doing one small, positive act every day?

Here’s a list of SMALL changes that can make a BIG difference:

 Top New Year’s Resolution Tip

At the end of each day, look at the small positive things you have achieved – this will motivate you to keep making constructive changes through 2015!

From entrepreneur.com, take a look at the infographic below, which features more nuggets from the feelunique.com study, and pay special attention to the tips on how to make your New Year’s promises last. Stick with it, and next year, that’ll be something extra to celebrate.