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How to Easily Make an Instagram RSS Feed for FREE

Have you ever wanted to share your Instagram photos or videos with your social media audience or display them on your blog or website? However, one of the biggest challenges with Instagram is determining how to maximize your content outside the Instagram app. Fortunately for you, we partnered with Instagram to create a viable solution with an Instagram RSS feed!

We’ve outlined the steps below in the hope that you can easily extend the reach of your images and video outside Instagram.

How to Create Instagram to RSS

We partnered with Instagram to make creating RSS feeds and linking Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest a breeze. Not only will this make social media sharing a cinch, it will also generate new followers.  In a few clicks, easily create an Instagram RSS feed with dlvr.it’s FREE tool.

Your Smart Instagram RSS Feed: Packed with Power!

Did you know that creating an Instagram input source is more than just an RSS Feed? These Instagram inputs are a smart social media feed packed with these pretty powerful features:

1 – Intelligent Reporting

Measure audience engagement across social networks and track the performance of each item you share.

Followers: The change in your total number of followers/friends across all your social networks for the last 24 hours. dlvr.it also shows you how that compares to the maximum/minimum daily follower changes over the last 30 days.

Clicks: The total number of clicks across all your Routes for the last 24 hours. dlvr.it shows you how that compares to the most active and least active days over the last 30 days.

Posts: The total number of posts made across all your Routes for the last 24 hours. dlvr.it shows you how that compares to maximum and minimum daily post days over the last 30 days.

Audience: The total number of followers/friends (and reach, when enabled) across all your social networks for the last 24 hours. dlvr.it details the changes for each of your social networks during the last 24 hours.

Popular Posts: The most popular posts made in the previous 7 days, including the number of clicks.

Geo: A global map of your click activity over the last 7 days.

2 – Customize Content with Filters

With the amount of information coming through Instagram at any given time, filtering and customization are becoming more important every day. dlvr.it provides a slew of filtering options to help you battle the elements and publish to your heart’s content. You can easily set up filters with your dlvr.it account to tailor your Instagram RSS feed.

You get the picture…

3 – Schedule at just the right time

Obviously, once you have your Instagram RSS feed, there are many possibilities to put it to work. Well, maybe a few of those uses require metered delivery of Instagram photos and videos. By creating your Instagram RSS feed, you can create an optimized schedule at predefined times with dlvr.it. Now your feed delivers a consistent flow of perfectly timed content throughout the day.

4 – Link to other social networks

In a just a few clicks,  instantly share your Instagram moments to Tumblr. Extend the reach of your Instagram images to Pinterest and Facebook. Turn your Twitter stream into a colorful and engaging playground. Learn how to link  Instagram to other social networks.

3 Ways to Get FREE Instagram followers with Any Instagram RSS Feed

1 – Display photos or videos on your blog

Check out these examples to help display your Instagram photos on your site:

2 – Link Instagram to other social networks

Add your Instagram feed to dlvr.it and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Sharing will extend the reach of your images and generate free Instagram followers.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers in Little Time

3 – Boost SEO

Create a Storify or RebelMouse page to make your Photos and Videos visible and searchable.

I’m completely sold. How do I create this Feed?

First, you need to create a dlvr.it account.

1 – From your dlvr.it dashboard, click ‘Add a Feed’



2 – Click the Instagram icon


3 – If logged into your Instagram account, click ‘Authorize’. If not logged in, you will be prompted to log in and Authorize.


4 – Choose the RSS icon or any social networks you want to share your Instagram content and click Save.


Note: Instagram only allows for thumbnails of your images in the RSS feed.

Excellent! You just created an Instagram RSS feed using dlvr.it!



Create a visual newsletter using your new Instagram feed, dlvr.it and MailChimp.


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