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4 Easy Steps to Promote your Business on Social Media when you have No Followers

Here are two similar scenarios we hear from our customers: (1) You’re just starting a new social profile. (2) You’re determined to add more fans and followers to an existing one. What is the best growth strategy? How do I add hundreds of new fans?

In response, we’ve put together an easy to follow social profile growth strategy of what we’ve learned over the years. Here’s your 4-week action plan:

Week 1 and 2. Set-up

Plan a content strategy.

Start writing before you start promoting.

Fill out your social profiles completely.

Week 3. Open for Business

Follow to be followed.

 Add hashtags.

Share content written by prospects and influencers.

Promote social accounts in your email signature, website and blog

Week 4. Branch Out

Join a Twitter Chat

Get Active on Quora