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Friday’s Tip: Boost Search Traffic before the Weekend. Connect G+ to Your Website

The Friday Column: Tips to jump start the weekend and make you a star before Monday. It’s that easy.

If you created a Google+ (G+) page did you link it to your website? It’s a fairly easy update you can do before the weekend starts.


It generates more relevant search traffic.

How do I link a website to a Google+ page?

Step 1. Verify that your site isn’t blocked from Google. 

Search your domain on Google like this: site:EnterYourWebsiteURL. For dlvr.it it would be site:dlvr.it. Does your website appear in the search query? If yes, you are good to move on. Read through this page for help if your website did not appear.

Step 2. Update your website

Link to your G+ page from your website’s main page. Typically, this would be your homepage. If you created a G+ page for a specific product for example, place the link on that page.

Step 3. Configure Google+

Step 4. Add a snippet of code to your site