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dlvr.it Launches Demographic Analysis for Social Media

Today we’re pleased to announce a new service: dlvr.it Social Demographics. Our Social Demographics service provides critical insight into the demographic make up of your social audiences.

dlvr.it’s social demographics service tells you a rich story about your loyal users, and helps you understand who is reading your content. For each of your social networks, dlvr.it provides a demographic profile of your audience, including percentage composition by Gender, Age, Income, Education, Ethnicity and Children in Household. We also compare your audience composition to the internet average – and deliver a clear picture of how your audience stacks up to the internet at-large.

This new service delivers actionable data for media sellers, marketers and agencies.

Media Sellers:

      Guides social publishing efforts and provides comprehensive understanding to better represent your properties to advertisers.

    Marketers: Gain valuable insight into the audience segments most engaged with your brand and offers and their impact on the conversion funnel.

    Agencies: Make more effective media planning decisions and improve media efficiency to attract look-a-like audiences.