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9 Funny Breakroom Signs That Will Make Your Mom Cringe

We’ve all seen them, the funny breakroom signs that make you say, “Seriously. Do we actually need to remind people of that?” You look around your work environment, see the head-scratching things your employees or co-workers do in the breakroom and wonder, “Are these people ten-years old?”

9 Funny Breakroom Signs

 1. Get a Keurig

 2. Maybe no one will notice.

3. But….it’s on the other side of the room.

 4.  Yo bro, you are not at home.

5. What led to this?

 6. I hope it was comfortable sleeping under that rock for the past 30 years.

 7. Spell check comes standard in Word (probably the same person who puts metal in the microwave).

 8. But a bro needs a cold one, when a bro needs a cold one.

 10. What people did pre emoji.

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