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What Dad is Afraid to Admit He Really Wants for Father’s Day

Just in time for the third Sunday in June (every year) – perfect Father’s Day gifts he will actually want!

Make this Father’s Day the best ever by giving your dad a day that shows him just how important and loved he is.

Father’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years. The traditional way of celebrating Father’s Day is to indulge your dad or husband with breakfast in bed and gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates, and neckties. But, is that what he really wants for Father’s Day?

We’ve brainstormed with family and friends and put together a short list of awesome Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually want!

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Want!

#1. You think he wants: Breakfast in bed

But he really wants…

Everyone else to go out to breakfast so that he can sleep in and have the rest of the morning to himself!


#2. You think he wants: A card

But he really wants…

To be playing cards with his best friends!


#3. You think he wants: Flowers

But he really wants…

Someone to dig in and help him clean out the garden shed and organize his tools!

#4. You think he wants: A box of chocolates

But he really wants…

A box of bacon

#5. You think he wants: A necktie

But he really wants…

A neck rub


#6. You think he wants: Dinner out

But he really wants…

A grilled burger in

#7. You think he wants: To go for a Sunday bike ride

But he really wants…

A ride-on lawn mower

Dad’s Day Gifts Bonus:

#8. You think he wants: To drive to the beach with the family

But he really wants…

A day at the driving range with his buddies


For more stuff for cool dads (aka every dad), check out these Father’s Day gifts from uncommongoods.com and Etsy.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dad’s out there especially those I work with at dlvr.it! Hope you receive the “perfect” gift!