How to make Google+ work hard in social media marketing

Guest speaker Scott Frangos, Content Marketing Strategist, Optimizer, Developer & President of WebDirexion LLC, shares his expertise on optimizing Google+ in your daily work through the blog post below. If you want to hear more from Scott, register for his workshop at’s upcoming 2013 Content Marketing Strategies Conference.

Google Plus — a Key Toolset for Content Marketers:

There were 1 million+ business and brand pages created on Google+ in the first six months.  G+ currently has over 400 million personal users.  Google+ has come a long way in a year and a half, and is now deemed essential for SEO, and key to local business results.

Google+ is continually woven into all things you do with Google — in search, on calendars, in gmail, hangouts, etc.  It’s social with circles, new communities, and video hangouts.  And, it’s a proven SEO builder.  In working with clients, it is one of the big 4 networks on which we focus along with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  How can B2B Marketers make all this work for them?

  • Remember that Google+ IS Google.  It is not just another social network — it is at the heart of all things Google.  Your advantage is that you don’t always have to be logged into G+ to take advantage of amplification and reach options.
  • The key is being social.  Create circles.  Your advantage as a marketer is that all studies over the years show that people buy after making an emotional connection with those they feel they know.  Google+ is ideal for this, but you have to resist the urge played out by many Content Marketers to simply robo-post links to content.  That’s not social.

At the heart of the network are your circles, so here’s a short overview video on them:

  •  There are two types of accounts on G+ — a personal account, and a business page (similar to the way Facebook operates).  Both offer different marketing opportunities with the personal account allowing you to create circles of colleagues, prospects, and industry experts. The company page is key for reviews of brick and mortar businesses, and for general SEO for all businesses. You can follow both individuals and businesses on G+.
  • Google is looking for coding clues to “relationships” between entities online.  One popular example is that when you are the author of content, you can signal that from your Google+ personal and company pages.  This will help for SEO and Google will show your G+ profile pic in search returns when you are the author of content for content in a search.
  • Google is YouTube, and integration of videos is a key factor in Google+.   This is an advantage to marketers because videos give you a better chance to emotionally connect with prospects.

Even as more features are added, marketers have yet to wrap their strategic and tactical minds around ways to take full advantage of the existing G+ system.  Here are four initial brainstorms (we’ll do more in our Berkeley workshop, and also continue coverage online):

  • Use a community(s) to build interest for a Google hangout on a business topic, then stream the hangout live and save it on your YouTube channel.
  • Build your circles wisely, then use the post to circle emails and calendar scheduling to invite the right people to an online or offline event.  Be careful here — all the SPAM cautions apply.
  • Authors and thought leaders — brand your Google+ location with a personal URL — mine is
  • Have a smart surf of “Google “Ripples” to see what people are buzzing about and listen to prospects, competitors and colleagues about a particular post, topic and website:


Above, Google Ripples for Content Marketing World are shown, and you can hover over each person who has posted about this particular URL and see what they said.  Larger circles show an origination post, with smaller circles capturing those that reshared it — a gauge of influence.

Content Marketing Strategies ConferenceHear more from Scott on “How to make Google+ a big win for the social side of your Content Marketing strategy” at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference, May 7-9, 2013 at The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley, CA.  Scott’s Google+ Professional Marketing Tactics will show you evolving ways to use this important network to reach measurable campaign goals.  He’ll cover best practices, new features, how to measure results and work efficiently, and look at some real world case studies.  Many Content Marketers deploy the “trusted industry expert” tactic, and Google+ is ideal for this — you’ll get practical, how-to details so you can add the tactic to your own game right away.

Don’t forget to register now for the Content Marketing Strategies Conference.

About the Author:

Scott Frangos, Founder of Webdirexion, the Content Marketing Agency (see, is a career Advertising and Marketing professional with a specialty in Website development optimized for SEO and Conversions.  His Agency uses Google+ in their daily work, including virtual meetings with clients via Google+ Hangouts.  He currently teaches a course on “WordPress Content Marketing Power” online, and serves as chief Optimizer with an intense focus on Google+ for Webdirexion.  He also enjoys coffee, tai chi, and pizza.

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