Maximize Reach without Adding to the Noise

The launch of Buzz has brought a big and important question to the forefront of social distribution – with another stream now added to the mix, how are users going to leverage and maximize their social media reach instead of just adding to the noise?

A crucial part of this equation is metrics and measurement – is what I’m doing actually working? has worked hard to provide lots of power on the back end – after you post an update, you can see who re-tweeted it, how many clicks it got and the reach of those who re-post your content. Additionally, our tool gives you the control to customize each piece of content to fit the context of each social media platform – helping to reduce the noise.

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Paul Gillin, longtime journalist and author (most recently, Secrets of Social Media Marketing) and show him what we’ve been up to over here at On Monday, he posted a great write up about our service, Twitter Metrics with an RSS Twist“most Twitter services track Twitter activity exclusively, but can grab content from a blog or website, syndicate it and track activity automatically without any user intervention. I’m going to add the RSS feeds of all my blogs to and seeing what insights I gain. Sign up for an invitation and give it a try.”

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